The first steps of All About SX1 Website's revival has been done. The domain is used now completely on the website. Disqus commenting system was also added as we are really interested in your opinion. There was a move to another server too that will hopefully make the site work better. But after 4 years of no activity more changes must happen. And for that we need your help.

The first thing that will come in the following weeks is a total redesign of the website looks. There are a lot of things tested right now but we are not sure on how this will end visually yet. There are a few things though we need your help. You are the people who will define the content of this website.

When All About SX1 was created 5 years ago, it had one purpose and that was to give all the information anyone might want to have about Siemens SX1 smartphone. Unfortunately Siemens is no longer in the phone business and plenty of things changed since then even to the Operating System, Symbian, powering it. The site slowly became more oriented around Symbian software/hardware and especially Oggplay and the original purpose changed.

The question is what should be the purpose of the new redesigned All About SX1? We need your Ideas on that and we will run a poll too if you want to quickly show us your needs. This poll though will be published after the redesign occurs.

A few thoughts on what this site might evolve to are.

  • A source of Information ONLY for Siemens SX1 smartphone.
  • A generic Symbian News website
  • A source of Information for Symbian stuff (Software and Hardware) from the past and the future.
  • A more generic site about Mobile Open Source Operating Systems, their hardware and software for it.

The first choice is not actually a real solution unless the hardcore viewers of this site are still using their old Siemens SX1 smartphone.
The second one is really generic and we believe there are plenty of Symbian oriented sites and blogs on the wild like All About Symbian that do a terrific job on that. We can't and don't want to compete as we see them unofficially as brother sites and we want this site to have a more specific and unique purpose of existence.
The third choice is maybe the most unique one. There are plenty of sites for getting the news on the devices you want but there are not many websites that have everything you want to know about the Symbian OS. The complexity and evolution of the OS all these years alienated alot of people and there are many newcomers on the smartphone field that are not educated on what really is a smartphone and more importantly what Symbian IS!
The last choice is actually a really future-proof solution but even if we start with that purpose we will be more Symbian and Linux oriented and less Android (even though Android is Linux based).

Also with a change of purpose the domain and name of this site might also change and you can help with ideas on that too!

Whatever the choices might be you can suggest your own as you are those who will judge about this site. In the end the site might be a combination of all the above and maybe even more. So please leave your comments with your ideas on the way you want All About SX1 (or whatever you might want to call the site) to evolve!