Happy new year everyone. It's been a long time since I have written anything mainly because of my postgraduate studies. I decided to make a come back here and change/fix a few things as I was not happy with the way things were in the past. Everyone who thought Phorepoc is dead are wrong.

So what has changed. From now on the website is hosted on a much faster server. Apparently this means that we won't have any spooky redirections to malicious websites when phorepoc is down. Also access will be faster. I am also working on applying updates on the backend of the website and fixing any bugs that caused a few problems.

The downloads section is working again. Although the content of it is quite old (containing oggplay skins mainly) it might be still usefull for any owner of an old Symbian device. Besides it's still a part of Symbian history as well as of my own past work.

One negative thing for my readers is the return of google advertisements. I know, nobody likes advertisements but maintaining a website has costs and I have been doing this for free for my community all these years. In fact I have experimented a bit with the adfly link shortening service that pays you for every download and  the total amount of money I gained those years was no more than 1 euro. Yes this is not enough even for a beer.

So that leads me to the last thing I wanted to talk. During the past, I have spent a large amount of time on building Custom Firmwares, building this site, researching and sharing everything. I have found out that besides the few people that are going to like your work, the community can be a bitch. There are plenty of people showing disrespect while the only thing the know is to demand things to happen. This can be a huge disappointment unfortunately. You see I am not a teenager where I can spent all my time on these things. It's just a hobby and I was doing my best to help the community. Does the community really needs me? I guess not, nobody is irreplaceable. But in the end I know I have provided something useful for many people. 

In fact I am still working on a few things right now, just not related to firmware modifications, and I am not yet ready to unveil them because they are really early concepts/prototypes. I may come back sometime my 701 is the only device that has no delight firmware (have a look at what those guys are doing, it's amazing). Furthermore for all the people asking me to make changes to my N97 CFW, unfortunately even if I had the time I don't have the device anymore. My N97 is now in the hands of my sister which she happily uses every day. Once I get some free time and the device back, I may revisit this beast to fix what has remained unfixed. But my priorities right now is to help the maemo community first.

I can't promise anything for the future, but only one thing, that Phorepoc will remain alive as long as I am alive and I will keep working on it providing as much help as I can to all the people that loved those old Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo devices.