It's been some time since this site was up and live running. Things have changed over the past few months. Phorepoc was (and still is) the work of Kiriakos Bobotis with plans to extend into becoming a community with multiple people helping for the site. Unfortunately things went wrong in multiple ways the last few months...

It was almost a year ago when I (Kiriakos Bobotis also known as MemphisX or Memphis eX Noel) decided to revamp and ressurect my symbian site, a site about Siemens SX1 an old Series 60 device at the very beginning. It was something I have done on my free time but my free time was reduced critically  over time and slowly became really precious. My plans for life as well as the difficult economic sittuation in my country (Greece) became an obstacle to Phorepoc's evolution.

And this was only the beginning. After Stephen Elop's arrival and reveiling his true identity and plans for Nokia everything changed. Symbian was not what we knew anymore. A deathswitch was set for it in the near future while it was converted into a Proprietary OS, and MeeGo was sentenced to death no matter how successfull the devices powered by it could be. It is clear that we have a trojan horse. But I had to make decissions. Decissions for my life. So everything were frozen and abandoned here for some time and after that technical difficulties made their appearance here making the site almost inaccessible.

The last few months I tried to make the site live again. I also changed the design as well as many other things. There are some problems especially with the download section where old files for oggplay skins are inaccessible but I hope to solve it in the near future. There are also a few other problems on the site that I haven't solved yet!

So Phorepoc is back, but it will be different, it becomes more personal, more of a blog site about the movement of epoc. I am sure there are plenty of Symbian haters out there but at the same time there are plenty of people who love it no matter what. So this site will be much less about news of Symbian and more about info of the OS. I will also concentrate on new things like firmware modifications and customizing. There will be plenty of guides about Custom firmwares and cooking as well analysing in depth everything about the OS its structure and its history.

I also plan to write a few reviews about software and accessories. Things won't be as busy as before but for sure the site won't be dead. This site was never about Nokia. It was, is and always be a site about Epoc and it's legacy. I plan to go even back to old devices like the Nokia N70, 7650 or even some Psion devices and review old software on those retired gems. It's really funny how some of these devices 5-6 years old could do todays job so nice!

So stay tuned, we are not dead, neither Epoc's spirit is.