The last few weeks, my website has been the victim of Murphy's laws. I have been trying hard to solve any problem so that the site will be back and running flawlessly but every attempt made things worse. So more than a month after that the site is back and running (with a bit old version of its database that is missing a few articles and changes).

As I said before I have very limited time these days due to my responsibilities, my work at as an Editor in Chief. On the other hand that doesn't mean I am going to give up on my site. Instead my plans for phorepoc remain of high importance and so no matter what the difficulties will be in the future, I will be maintaining, supporting and updating the website as much as I can. Even when symbian will be no more of a selling product for Nokia, Phorepoc will have plenty of interesting articles about the OS, as long as my free time lets me do that.

One of the things that I have postponed multiple times is the latest version of Phorepoc CFW for N97 Classic. It's been ready for more than a month but the website problems made things really hard for me to publish it. Other than that expect a few more guides as well as reviews of both application, games and hardware.

So in case you thought Phorepoc is dead, THINK AGAIN...