Hi everyone. Things have been really busy the last few months but that wouldn't mean I forgot about Phorepoc and wish all our readers a happy new year. I hope this new year will bring everyone the happiness that was stolen during 2011 and bring back the smiles to everyone around the globe.

As you can see, there have been a few silent changes on the website with the domain change being the biggest. You can change your bookmarks to phorepoc.eu but all the previous domains (phorepoc.tk and allaboutsx1.tk) will still work and redirect you here. Also I became a News editor of the greek news site dedicated to technology and cell phones, the infamous myphone.gr a few months ago, so you may visit the site in case you speak greek and become one with it's huge community.

But this does not mean the end of Phorepoc. I plan to post more articles about Symbian here and of course a brand new CFW for N97 and maybe X6 too in the near future. Also plenty of new guides will be uploaded here so stay tuned.

So again happy new year to everyone and let's hope 2012 will bring a new begining and not just the end in our lifes!