One of the biggest drawbacks in the Symbian ecosystem is the lack of a good e-mail client. The built in client is just inadequate while Nokia messaging doesn’t even comes built in the firmware (taking precious space from phone memory especially for N97 users) while its still not so more versatile. There are some alternatives like LCG Profimail but they are too pricey. Introducing Mobile Documents.

Mobile Documents, by Visiarc is an alternative email system for Symbian which supports multiple email accounts and some type of push mail. We first saw the app a few months ago but it seems the guys at Visiarc have done some great steps forwards and the application is much nicer and faster than ever. The app is now hosted on Nokia Betalabs and the latest beta version is optimized for Symbian^3 devices.

Two of the most visible features are Pinch to Zoom a really useful feature that lets you easily zoom in and out on any pdf, image or document and system Notifications for new emails or through a homescreen widget letting the user pick the most appropriate way to be notified.

The application is really fast on handling attachements and viewing it on the cloud. We were really surprised how easy and fast it is to view a pdf or even a huge photo on our phone without even downloading the attachment.

For a demonstration of Mobile Documents you can watch below a video of Visiarc’s CEO, Peter Lindgren, showcasing the most useful features of the app.

You can read the release announcement at the official Mobile Documents blog and download the app from Nokia Beta labs and give the precious feedback cause the app is in beta!