Just yesterday, Tarmo Virki from Reuters wrote that the long awaited new flagship smartphone and communicator successor from Nokia, the E7, is going to be delayed for release to next year. The article that you can read here describes the situation in a really bad and negative way without mentioning the reasons behind the delay.

Nokia's E7 was first announced at Nokia World 2010 and promoted as the ultimate business smartphone with a 4 inch AMOLED screen with ClearBlack Display Technology, 8MP full focus (EDoF technology) camera with dual led flash and an optimised N97 flip style qwerty keyboard. It has the same Operating System (Symbian^3) and excellent built quality we've seen on the N8.

E7 was expected to be released on the last quarter of 2010. It was later announced through the company's official Twitter account that it will be in stores on December 10 with an estimated retail price of EUR 495, excluding taxes and subsidies. The price unfortunately got a lot higher for pre-orders on sites like expansys reaching even the EUR 720 for no known reason but now seems to be much lower and closer to what Nokia announced.

Things changed and the release was postponed just like it happened with the N8. The reasons are obvious but nobody mentions them. Nokia is trying hard to bring products that will please all their customers and avoid fiascos similar to N97. N8 was the first product with Symbian^3 under the hood and it took Nokia reasonable time to optimise it for the devices hardware and bring a product that will deliver what is really promised by Nokia. The media and especially those in the US didn't like it despite real customers reports giving an opposite and more positive feedback. There were some problems and a few things needed to be fixed but most of them were hardware related and especially oriented around Nokia's inability to produce enough devices to fulfil the market's demand.

But Nokia is aware of all the problems around Symbian^3 and also of the much higher requirements from business devices. Because of that, E7 ought to be perfect software wise. Considering there are plenty of things going to change on Symbian, Nokia prefers all these changes to be ready on E7 on release. Some of these changes are a new and faster Qt based Web browser, NFC support, better push e-mail support and a brand new User Interface, features that seem important for the business world.

Considering the already released N8's sales and feedback from it's users, even though it was released a little late to some people, we await the E7 to be released around the time the first N8 firmware update gets out and we strongly believe that this delay is a wise move. What is still questionable is the media's hostile attitude against Nokia.