It's over. The websites of the Symbian Foundation closed yesterday with only the blog being left alive. But that's only one part of the story as it's another step in the evolution of Symbian. It's just a step in the transition of Symbian's Foundation into a licensing body. Nokia is now gradually taking full control of Symbian.

Symbian Foudation is not dead either. It will operate under the guidance of Nokia but with limited responsibilities. The future of Symbian is now in the hands of Nokia and Nokia is committed into evolving the OS and make the future development available via an alternative direct and open model. We just have to wait and see how things will get forward as the operation will take some time

For everyone interested in the source code and all the content from the past that was available through the Symbian Foundation websites,are no available on an FTP site. You can request access on the FTP by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Both FTP and the Symbian blog will remain open and a way of communication during the transitional period until March 31st 2011. Further briefing will come through time from Nokia's symbian blog on

The Symbian Foundation thanked everyone for their contributions on their latest blog entry and reminded some of the milestones of the platform.

We should also note that the transition doesn't mean Symbian turns again into a proprietary OS but remains an open OS with the governance in the hands of Nokia, and Nokia is committed to keep it open while finding a better and even more open way if not the same.

We at Phorepoc wish the best of luck to all the Symbian Foundation stuff in their future endeavours and wish the best for the future of the platform. You can follow Nokia's plans for the Symbian platform on their Symbian blog and Nokia's Forum in case you are a developer. It's not an end but the next step in the evolution of the OS!