We have seen plenty of screenshots the last few months of the next unannounced Symbian^3 device by Nokia, specifically designed for gamers. We also heard that it's coming really soon and that the device will be an AT&T exclusive release with the US nick name "Journey" but things changed radically after a recent update by AT&T's insiders saying that it was cancelled.

The Nokia X7 is a really interesting device with some really unique features that make it stand out from other Symbian^3 devices. The 4 speakers, one on each corner of the phone will deliver true Dolby Digital surround sound and it's the most obvious difference. The also rumored hardware includes a really powerful GPU with 512mb built in memory boosting graphics performance, a higher clocked cpu at 720MHz and a 4inch screen similar to that of the E7. The front camera will be for the first time at 2mp while the back is the usual 8mp Nokia eDoF camera we have seen on C7

Software wise the device has the usual Symbian^3 but the extra power seems to give some extras on the device like an extra homescreen making it a total of 4.

The device was meant to be released for the U.S. market this month and specifically for AT&T but the plans were canceled. That doesn't mean the device is cancelled and we expect X7 to be one of the 3 devices that will be announced in the Mobile World Congress by Nokia this February.

The exact reasons of this cancellation are not known yet but we strongly believe that Nokia is working hard to re-enter the US market with a really revolutionary device. In order for that to happen we either have to wait for the N9, the first MeeGo device also expected to be announced in the MWC, or the forthcoming Symbian^3 updates that will not only make the UX better with a faster UI but also change the way Symbian is seen by the U.S. media.