Living on a digital world with thousands services makes it a nightmare to share your content on all of them easily and fast. Things are even worse if you are on the go with just your smartphone and you want to share some brand new content like a new photo with your friends on facebook, a new video on youtube showing your last activities or upload a crucial document on your dropbox! Things might get easier with apps for each service but it's still inadequate for serious and fast sharing. That's where Pixelpipe comes.

Pixelpipe is the one stop solution for sharing content on multiple sevices with just one step. And on Symbian devices that's possible with the very convenient Pixelpipe Application that just reached the final version. After installing the Application in your Symbian powered phone, sharing photos, videos, and files in general on the internet is just like sharing files with bluetooth with your friends. You can find more info on Pixelpipe's website for full details on how to get started and customise the service to your own needs.

This is actually a must have application especially for users with a Symbian^3 powered device that doesn't have any sharing capabilities yet. Unfortunately you can't find the final version on the ovi store yet. There is an approval process going on, that takes up several weeks.  So Pixelpipe is supplying a direct download link here.

Pixelpipe has been out for some time now so the final version brings many new features other than bugfixes:

  • Option for prompted uploads after capture of photos & video
  • Ability to set scaling factor for photos at the time of upload or as a default value under Pixelpipe/Options
  • Option for automatic "zero click" uploading of new photos & videos after capture Note: This option is now under Pixelpipe/Options/Settings/Advanced
  • Automatic prompting for OTA application updates

The application is compatible with: S60v3 FP2, S60v5 & Symbian^3 handsets.