Strange things happen on a strange world and that's the world we live in. We really can't understand how is it possible today's biggest selling smartphone platform (and that's Symbian) to be ignored so much by some big developers. We try to understand it at first with the Android going really strong this year but that really doesn't explain why everyone and especially in the US ignores it. Surely Symbian is really a minority with only 2% in sales in the US but worlwide for each 10 smartphones sold more than 3 are Symbian Powered.


There are plenty of people who will still pick Symbian phones for a wide variety of reasons. Not everyone either likes iPhones or has the money to buy one. Neither there are plenty of quality Android phones that can really rival Nokia's offers not to mention that there are plenty of areas Android and iOS is no better than Symbian (power management, multitasking etc) So people stick with Symbian but they want some of their services on their phones that other platforms enjoy. They are not willing to change platform just for an app.

Such an example is the Kindle platform that has an app for iOS and Android devices for a very long time and Symbian is just been ignored by Amazon. Well you can change that. A petition has started here by the blogger @Smartfonefan to call on Amazon to create a Kindle application for Symbian users. The petition is in the very early days of its life so it has only a handful of signatures but we hope that will soon change.

What we ask and hope all our readers to really help is to sign the petition here and now and then let Amazon know you signed the petition by sending a tweet on @AmazonKindle . The guys over All About Symbian have already signed on the petition along with me and all the stuff of Phorepoc. We hope the list will grow enough to wake up some developers on the other side of the planet and not only Amazon.