Skype LogoIt seems to be a really busy day today as there are plenty of software releases and updates. One of the most critical is the new version of Skype for Symbian handsets that is for the first time compatible with all the phones powered by Symbian^3 like N8 and C7!

According to the official announcement this new version also brings SILK support, their own high quality audio codec, which should help make sure calls are crystal clear, even on low-bandwidth connections

The anouncement also mentions a number of interface improvements, like making it easier to add contacts, navigate, add or change the profile photo and set mood message as well as an updated user interface to better fit larger screens.

Although this update is a big change in comparison with the previous version there are many bugs on that release including the proximity sensor not working and the application beeing terminated with no reason sometimes or when changing the orientation of the device! We hope we will see them fixed soon!

To download the latest version, visit from your mobile. See here for a full list of compatible phones.