nokia-beta-labs1_thumbThere is a lot of activity going on recently on the Nokia Beta labs. After the Nokia Diagnostics huge update that we reviewed a few days ago, Nokia released updated versions of the revolutionary Nokia Bots application, and the first of it's kind GeoSocial Internet radio Application, Soundtrck.

For all the newcomers, Nokia Bots is a collection of add-ons that autonomously learn your personal preferences, and improve user experience with new, customized features and tricks.  These add-ons, or Bots, observe how the phone is being used and automatically configure and activate themselves, if customization seems relevant. The first Beta version of Nokia Bots consists of 4 widgets/bots: Contact Bot, Profile Bot Alarm Bot, Battery Bot and Shortcut Bot. Each Bot actually automates different things in your phone. For example the Contact Bot puts on a widget in your homescreen the most frequently used contacts, while the battery bot examines the way you use your phone and alarms you in case you'll go out of battery during your schedule of the day so you can charge it before you have a drained battery when you'll need your phone. You can find more info as well as the download link for the app here.


The latest update brings Symbian^3 support and the following bug fixes and improvements for the S60v5/Symbian^1 version:

  • FIXED: Alarm bot alarm does not wake up the phone if it is powered down
  • FIXED: Alarm icon (indicator) does not appear into the status pane when alarm is activated
  • FIXED: Changing back to user defined profile after meeting or night profile does not work
  • Shortcut bot image handling improved
  • Contact bot image handling improved
  • Contact info changes are tracked and shown on the widget if necessary

Soundtrck is the first ever GeoSocial Internet radio application. It's an application for music lovers who want to take control of the music they hear on their own virtual radio station. The app seems similar to services like at first but has some really interesting features that distinguish's it. With Soundtrck you can

  • Listen to more than 8 million fully licensed songs - any artist, any genre, anytime
  • Create and share personal radio stations
  • Play music with friends in real time
  • Search your city for popular music and people with similar taste
  • Share your favorite stations on social networks

The latest beta release brings the following changes

  • Enabled persistent connection with Twitter (Users do not need to log-in on twitter each time they exit and re-enter the app)
  • Enabled user profile photo upload from locally stored photos
  • Added exit button on settings page
  • Extended compatibility to S60 5th edition devices running on Java 2.1 beta available on Nokia Beta Labs
  • Bug fixes for stability and performance

As always you can try all the beta software from Nokia at Nokia Beta Labs free.