Nokia Point and Find was a Beta application featured on Nokia Beta Labs. It was first released on April 1st 2009 and its augmented reality features seemed an April's foolsday joke but it was real. People all over the world could just point their Symbian smartphone camera to a place and get info about it. The application was utilising all the features of their smartphones like the built in gps and compass,camera and internet connectivity to bring all the precious information to its holder.

The idea behind Nokia's Point and Find gave birth to many similar projects for other platforms and evolved into other things like Tim Kring's reality game "Conspiracy for Good". The application also won many Awards but it remained untouched and in a Beta phase for a very long time

Just yesterday Nokia Beta Labs announced throught their blog that they will be discontinuing support for it and it will be removed from Ovi Store at the end of January.

This is not actually the death of Point and Find technology but the evolution as Nokia has bigger plans for it. Future version of OVI Maps and Search will contain plenty of feautures of Point and Find technology. Nokia also plans to release a framework around Point and Find for developers so the technology can be used on 3rd party apps

It's clear that Nokia is heading into an augmented reality future with their devices something that has been said by ex-vice president of markets, Anssi Vanjoki, long before Stephen Elop came to Nokia. It seems Elop hasn't changed the route, but accelerated the things that must be done.

For more info check the blog entry on Nokia Beta Labs