It is not a secret that all open source operating systems are the ambrosia for hackers all over the world. Just like Android, which has seen his own project for N900/N8x0, MeeGo can also easily run unofficially on some devices. With the help of Ubuntu’s kernel that could already run on HTC HD2 the Irish developer Steven Troughton-Smith managed to run on his device the latest version of MeeGo OS.

The Operating System managed to run on the hardware of HTC’s HD2 but with particular problems because of the lack of open source drivers for the GPU. This results in using the CPU entirely in software rendering mode and so the Graphical User Interface seems extremely slow. This also debunks the GHz Myth where even a device with a really powerful CPU can’t cope without some help from a GPU.

It ‘s the second device after the Nexus One in which they managed to run the latest MeeGo version, which is particularly pleasing when we consider that officially there are no MeeGo powered smartphones on the market yet.

The current version of MeeGo OS, which is open to all to download and experiment, has nothing to do with what will be presented by Nokia on future devices and that includes a proprietary graphical environment.

For more information visit Steven Troughton-Smith blog post