This Monday, Opera Software announced that a new edition of its mobile browser specifically designed for tablets, is under development and it will be demonstrated on the Consumer Electronic Show.

The only information we have at the moment is a short video (shown below) that quicly demonstrates Opera for Tablets running on an Android device (we assume it’s a Galaxy Tab). According to Opera, this new version which is specifically designed for touch devices will be available for almost all operating systems including MeeGo and will also be compatible with netbooks.

Apparently this version will share the same code with the mobile versions already available on other mobile platforms (Symbian, Windows Mobile) including a graphical user interface which might receive some modifications in order to take full advantage of the larger tablet screens. It is no coincidence the recent releases of new Opera Mobile editions for Windows, MacOS and Linux designed to simulate a mobile environment for debugging. This also describes the really exceptional condition of Opera’s code base that can be easily ported in almost any platform, regardless of the changes made.

We therefore await for CES to see what does this new edition of Opera browser holds for us. For more info check the official Opera for Tablets page.