One of the biggest advantages of Maemo and the forthcoming MeeGo devices is it's open Operating System, a true Linux Distribution, and the great community behind it. Even if Nokia really stopped fully supporting Maemo, the community made miracles in many aspects of the OS and 3rd party apps.Nokia's OVI Maps is one such great example which got modified and now brings features only seen before on the Symbian Client.

OVI Maps for N900 was vary basic and got limited support by Nokia leaving Maemo users without a good free Navigation App to take advantage of the built in GPS of their high end device. That was till Blaizen at put his hands on it and started the modifications. The core functionality of Ovi Maps is now extended and brings back map rotation (tilt control), 3D buildings (features that for unknown reason got disabled in PR1.2) and true turn-by-turn navigation even with voice guidance!

It's in a really early beta stage but all the new features are working flawlessly and we hope to see further improvements

To get more info as well as try out this modified version head to Blaizzen's post for the extra features or on a following update here for the Voice Guidance Beta.