More than a month ago, the MeeGo development team released the MeeGo SDK 1.1 Beta. The first version then was only available for Ubuntu Lucid and Fedora 13 Linux Distributions.Today the Windows port was released.

The SDK includes Qt Quick for Javascript based application development but most importantly Qt Creator which is the main component for developing native applications. The developers can use the SDK to create, install and debug applications for either N900 or any Netbook running MeeGo but there is no need for either hardware as QEMU is provided for hardware emulation. What's more interesting is the extensibility of the SDK with various plugins.

The Windows version is not compatible with Vista and there are some hardware incompatibilities too. Also no 64 bit version of either Linux or Windows is officially supported yet. The SDK may work on 64bit OS but QEMU for hardware emulation won't be available.


Before proceeding into instaling the SDK please read the Documentation on Meego wiki for either Windows or Linux. The above links also contain the download links and all the important information on the installation procedure and incompatibilites!

There is no plan for a MacOS port of the SDK yet neither all Linux Distributions are going to be supported in the near future. You can find a complete list of the supported Operating Systems here.