When Nokia announced the Fusion of their Maemo OS with Intel's Moblin that born MeeGo, many questions raised about future support of their existing Maemo devices and especially N900. But every Open Sοurce Operating System has its own community to drive it's evolution. This is the case for Maemo 5 and its only device powering it the Nokia N900 where they now get a proper project for maintaining the OS the way their users want, the right way.

A term defined by Nokia, the SSU (Seamless Software Update), to describe the firmware upgrades of N900 is now used by the Maemo Community Council to describe a brand new project for supporting the last version of Maemo. This new project brings all the fixes to the core of the OS that cannot be delivered through the extras repositories. The project won't host any applications that can be delivered through that repository and it is only meant for deep OS fixes

Right now the project is only meant for power users, developers, engineers, testers and early adopters but with a high hope to be really usable stable and for everyone.

We are really happy to see this kind of support from the community and it really shows the power Open Source Operating Systems have. We wish Nokia had the same policy for Symbian devices with an open way of firmware updates delivery. It would really enlarge the spanlife of their symbian devices and also lower the resources needed by nokia to support their devices.

For more informations, installation documentation and ways to help the project please visit the official anouncement at maemo.org