Intel's booth at CES 2011 in Las Vegas was (not so agressively) demoing MeeGo on various tablet hardware implementations. The already released WeTab had a special place for it showcasing the power of the OS but Intel gave more weight in a new unreleased tablet that will use their new dual core cpu chipset "Oak Trail Atom" which is expected on Q2 2011.

WeTab was first knows as WePad and is the first tablet product to actually use the core of MeeGo Linux. Manufactured by the German producer Neofonie, it is powered by an Intel Atom N450 CPU and weights almost 1kg. It also includes WiFi, Bluetooth and has optional 3G support.You can find more info at the official page of WeTab.

Although WeTab being quite powerful and with support for running Android OS through a virtual machine, it didn't get too much attention on the CES.The new Atom platform was the big thing in Intel's booth. The new family of low powered processors by Intel is going to power plenty of new devices and especially Tablets. The very first one that was demonstrated was Evolve III tablet.

Evolve III goes one step beyond, software wise as in the final product it will support Windows 7, MeeGo and Android. Yes that's right 3 Operating Systems out of the box by the time you get the device in your hands. The Australian company behind it has shown a great UI on the device when running MeeGo and we are waiting for the final product to really see in practice how it works and feels. It's expected to come this spring. More info as well as an interactive demo of the UI at Evolve III website.