One of the biggest advantages of Maemo devices and hopefully all future MeeGo devices is their openess. The OS, a Debian Linux derivative, is really open to modifications to the extend of running a totaly different OS. There are plenty of projects for the Nokia N900 to extend the features of the phone/tablet with some really useful modifications as well as some porting projects of other OS including MeeGo. Nitdroid is one of them with the hope of creating a stable and working port of the Android OS for the Nokia Internet Tablets (N8x0 and N900).

Just a few days ago the dev team behind Nitdroid released an updated version based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.1 which shows alot of promise but still is in a really unstable form.

The following features are working on the latest release:

  • 3D
  • GApps
  • accelerometer and orientation policies
  • lights HAL
  • hardware keyboard%)
  • sound
  • charging, battery status indication
  • modem/data, SMS receiving, USSD, calls/signaling
  • A2SD
  • wi-fi connectivity
  • bluetooth

The latest release has the following problems:

  • Codecs. Sound is almost useless, you can’t listen to music etc.
  • voicecalls (what do you expect — mediaserver crashes when ringtone is played?)
  • fakegps
  • UMS

Although it is still highly unstable and only for those who want to take the risk and play with it, it shows alot of promise and demonstrates the versatility of Maemo devices. We can also draw some comparison of the OS on hardware utilisation aspects on the same hardwate (for example Android seems to be much more power hungry than Maemo)

For anyone interested in testing it in their own device you can get it from here. Be warned again that it is extremely unstable and not in a state to fully replace the original OS of N900. For more information on the NITdroid project as well as installation instructions you can visit the official NITdroid project page.