Last year Infinite Dreams made its first appearance into the software development sector for Symbian powered mobile phones (and not only). Sky Force was the very first application that came from them. Sky Force is a shout 'em up game similar to the old good vertical-scrolling arcade shooters that most of us were playing at the arcades some years ago. Those who had played games like 1942, Raiden and Tyrian will stick with Sky Force for sure. For those however who don't know the above games, the concept is very simple. You have in your possession a fighting aircraft and your aim is to destroy almost anything you find on your way. Why almost? Because, simply, there are scattered people and you must rescue them or at least avoid killing them. This way the game gives you a small portion of distress because the player will need to make wise use of its weapons in order to avoid killing the innocent. During the game the player should also collect stars for score increasing as well as various power ups that will make his guns stronger or give him energy, bombs etc. while in the end of each level a boss awaits.

All the above sounds very simple but the game will give you the sense of the classic that will surely make you playing with it for countless hours. But it's not only that. From the momment the player will run the game for the first time he will be surprised by the beautifully designed User Interface of the game and he will totally forget that is actually playing a mobile phone game, giving him the illusion that he actually plays with a Game Boy! He'll get lost in the sublime designed landscapes and maybe loose his concentration from the game by looking the beautiful graphics.

The pseudo-3D type of graphics ("Donkey Kong Country" and "Killer Instinct" style) is only the one side. The other is the fantastic sound that ties up perfectly with the game. The sound effects are very plausible while the music, although not the type that could claim a music award, from a technological viewpoint (MOD files are used) will fascinate the user with its high quality.

Although it is a very simple game, the very good presentation with the terific graphics and the high quality sound as well as the classic gameplay classify Sky Force in a must have application for every Symbian Device owner. Its very low price is also a plus, especially when considering that games with the same quality in a portable console like Game Boy Advance have up to 4x the price of Sky Force.

Sound : 8.5
Graphics : 9.5
Gameplay : 9.0
Replayability : 8.0
Overall : 9.0

Price : $9.98
Sky Force Official Web Site