Pebol Beach appeared in the Ovi store a few days ago as a free download for Symbian Touch Devices (S60v5/Symbian^1 & Symbian^3). We decided to give it a try, explore all the negatives and positives and share our opinion in a mini review of summer game.


Pebol Beach is a simplified artillery game having similarities with oldies like Scorched Earth or more recent games like Worms. The big difference with all the casual artillery games is that it utilises the touch screen of the device for putting power in shooting. The purpose of the game is to shoot the ball and hit the opponent in the other side.

The controls of the game are simple yet extremely hard to get the wanted result. Instead of having to push a button to pick the correct angle and power for shooting you do all those with just sliding the ball on the screen. That really makes it hard even on the easiest difficulty especially considering that the opponent is almost perfect and the changeable wind makes things even worse.

The developers behind Pebol Beach, the Nokia Institute of Technology in Brazil (INdT), decided to use Flash Lite. Flash Lite is an excelent choice for easily bringing nice multimedia applications with great user interface. So the game's graphics and physics are really good. The same goes for the User Interface which is simple but eye candy. The one that someone expects from a game

We should note here that the game is only playable in landscape mode. In case your device is has the accelerometer enabled and not in landscape mode you you will be informed to turn it with an irritating "Holding it wrong" screen.

Unfortunately Flash Lite is a really bad choice when considering how unefficient it is in using hardware resources. A native app is always the best choice for utilising the maximum of the hardware and in case of mobile apps Flash is not the best option.

We also noticed that the game sometimes gets stuck without executing the shoot and the player just either waits for an eternity and has to kill the application through the task manager. We don't know if it really is a bug of Flash Lite or the Game.

There is no music in the game although this is not a big drawback it would be nice to have sounds of the sea and the waves we hear in the beach. The sound effects are basic so nothing special here too.

Summarizing all the above the game is extremely simple and extremely hard to win when competing the cpu. It needs some fixes and we wish we could see a better native version with more choices (like moving the player on screen). It's a nice game to spent 5-10 minutes on a duel with young children but not at all a game for serious players.

Either way beside all the negatives the game is free and you can get it easily on your phone from the ovi store with just one click from here

Our Ratings:
Sound :4.0
Graphics :7.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Replayability : 6.0
Overall : 5.5

Price : FREE
Pebol Beach in Ovi Store