After multiple updates of most S60 v5 devices the only device without an update is the ex-flagship models by Nokia the N97/N97 mini. We already knew that the firmware version 2.2 was more something like a short stop before a bigger update with more features in it. It seems that the time is really close for the next firmware version of these devices

The first signs of the forthcoming firmware updates for N97/N97 mini came from the N97 forum by the time 2.2 was out. It was clear that the Nokia team behind N97 was already working on the next firmware update even before the release of 2.2. 2.2 was just a small step for bug fixes before the next big step.

A few days ago we got another hint about the N97 next firmware release and that from nokia when they silently updated their support page for the chat application in their official page here

It's clear that the next update will have the yahoo powered ovi chat client built in. There are rumors that we might also see the Qt libraries built in the firmware as well as some updates to the music application and the browser but we doubt it will be the Qt browser developed for all the Symbian^3 devices, that we also expect a new firmware coming by the time E7 is released.

We also expect to see the updated ovi maps client built in the firmware and maybe Nokia messaging too. It really matters for N97 classic owners as the limited disk space on phone's memory is a big obstacle on all these apps that can only be installed only there.