As we mentioned on a previous post, most S60 v5 devices from Nokia have been updated the last few days. X6-00 had an update that just became available worldwide but also the C6-00 gets an update and also give's us hints on the next N97 update.

The X6-00 belongs in the original Symbian^1 family of devices with only kinetic scrolling being the feature from Symbian^2 backported to it. The new features from the latest update (version 30.2.003) brings Here and Now - an application that provides you with information on your current location - built in the firmware. Other than Here and Now, updated versions of Ovi Contacts with chat integration, Ovi Maps and Ovi store are included in the firmware.

The C6-00 on the other hand which is the closest sibling to the N97/N97 mini belongs in the family of Symbian^1 devices with plenty features from Symbian^2 - like the homescreens with widgets - backported to it. This new update (ver. 20.0.042/20.2.042) brings some general performance improvements to the device and also points us to what we should expect from the forthcoming N97 update.

To update your firmware through your device just select Applications > Software Update or type *#0000# on the calling screen and select searh for updates. Alternatively, the software updates are available through the Nokia Software Updater or the Ovi Suite.