For all the newcomers to Symbian and especially owners of Symbian^3 devices there is a great article published over on Mobile R'n'R covering the first 10 essential steps every Symbian owner should take in order to take full advantage of his new device.

The article is written by Rita El Khoury, a famous and reputable blogger that used to write on Symbian Guru.It emphasises on all the problems and negatives of Symbian compared to other platforms and how easily you can overcome them by using 3rd party apps. The article covers many things from beautifying your device as well as using it in the most productive way. If not all, most of them are followed by Symbian experts and long time users of the platform but we never actually had them written in one single article to educate other people.

We also want to quote the last paragraph of this article that really describes the situation of Symbian today... [div3 class="quote" class2="quote-l" class3="quote-r"]As I said in the beginning, having tested several mobile OS, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Symbian. There’s a lot of wrong in the way Symbian is presented to you out of the box, with the ugly homescreens, slow Email and Social, useless Web browser and keyboard. But the fact remains that Symbian is totally configurable, so if you don’t like the way certain things work, an alternative is a mere download away. And once you figure out these quirks, you end up with a fast stable device that works like it’s intended to, has everything you need, does imaging and multimedia and voice navigation like no other, and can survive a couple of falls onto asphalt and concrete.[/div3]

You can read the full article here. HIGLY RECOMENDED