Once upon a time in the Symbian world, there was a guy named Mark Wilcox, a great symbian veteran as well as mobile developer, who made an infamous quote about the slowest quick-fix ever, the Symbian^3 UI. Well this article is not about that, but for my own slowest quick fix ever which I am sure I have beaten Nokia's record. A quick fix to my CFW.

A few months ago, Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian was exploring the land of Symbian CFW, making some really nice reviews for them at AAS. But he was quite disappointed by the lack of good CFWs for N97 Classic. Back then I almost gave up on building custom firmwares as the free time I had was really limited. Even worse I was prepared for a really long trip to UK, my new home, my new adventure, my new life... would make things even busier than ever. But I made a promise, and I am a man of his word (at least I am trying to be :p). I promised to deliver a fixed CFW version that will erase a specific line in the sand. Wish I knew back then what was coming next.

It was not just moving and settling up on another country. Neither job hunting was so time consuming. But doing all the above at the same time along with a really demanding Master degree was an overkill. Things were so busy that the last few weeks even sleeping or eating was a total waste of time. Multiple deadlines for multiple assignments and assessments, group projects and a lot of research.

So we come to now, three months later where multiple people have shown respect to my work and still see me as a valuable asset for them (that goes to all the people and colleagues at myphone.gr for their understanding during my absence - thank you guys for everything). So I am back and I am here to deliver at least for the few weeks I have before returning back to routine.

The fix is nothing more than a dirty quick fix to IaguCool IC@Darkstream CFW for N97 Classic that will let Smart Installer bundled Qt applications to properly install. Those are actually all the Qt applications you can find on Nokia's Store. The fix was first implemented on my own beta version of Phorepoc CFW (version 1.99) and does nothing more than tricking the system into thinking that some libraries are installed in C (and so kill the dependency checks when installing qt apps). It was the only solution I could find back then as the system couldn't recognize the files integrated into the firmware.

It took me a few hours to re-implement it to IaguCool's CFW as it's been almost a year since the last time I modded a firmware but it's finally here. Nothing else has been changed on the firmware as I wanted to keep it clean and simple with no extra baggage. Download links are provided below along with the needed installation packages for qt and python, modified to install in E for saving valuable space on phone memory.

IC@Darkstream version 2.2 with Qt Fix
Qt and Python files

PS: I hope I wasn't late enough for that fix, although Google's latest changes regarding Mail for Exchange support is an overkill and you'll have to think twice before going that route (a hard reset is essential for the qt fix to work). And Steve, I am really sorry for being so sloooooow! Hopefully I am going to develop a UK version of my firmware too.

And one last word. I could go on developing more updated versions of CFW either for N97 or other Symbian^1/3 devices but I strongly believe the current situation in symbian is a great opportunity for filling the holes. Developing actual applications that will give features missing from Symbian. When all other platforms (iOS, Android, etc) are full of apps delivering the same things, then Symbian (and MeeGo with N9 to some extend) even in the current situation, killed and with no new devices coming and no support from Nokia or a community like that of Maemo, still gives a lot of promise for whoever wants to create something that will be of great help in the worst case scenario (if not a commercial success). But still this will be a hobby out of love for an Operating System that served me well all these years, at least for me. The problem as always is time.