As I have said on my previous post, I will concentrate more on things like modding as well as write guides for symbian devices. And as a gift to everyone still here I decided to share a CFW I have created for the now unsupported and abandoned N97 Classic with all the things that came to other Symbian^1 (S60v5) through firmware updates.

This custom firmware is designed for people living in my country (Greece) and all english speaking users as well as it has full support for Greek and English Language. It is also fully Phorepoc branded and based on C6's version 40 firmware. In detail this new firmware will bring the following changes to your phone.

All the new features of C6's version 40:

  • New faster browser (version
  • The latest version of OVI maps intergrated into firmware (version v 3.06 11wk10 b01)
  • Emoticons support in messaging application
  • Nokia Messaging (e-mail) intergrated into firmware!
  • Smart Dialer
  • Swype to unlock
  • Removed OVI contacts

Visual Changes:

  • Symbian Anna icons and folders.
  • Custom Symbian Anna folder/subfolder icons (Hack, News, Browsers, Social, Communication, Connectivity, Unused, Viewers)
  • Custom Font (MS Segoe UI) modified to support Nokia Webdings and plenty of logo characters that are available on a 6 symbol page.
  • Phorepoc Branded (splashscreen,shutdown screens as well as Profile name)
  • Themes of Ν97 mini + Nokia Evolve + Pizero's Earth + Nokia Theme White (C6-00)
  • Symbian Belle like loading circle.
  • Brand new menu layout 4x5 and 6x2 in landscape with navibar (softkeys) on the bottom of the screen just like in Symbian^3 instead of right side.
  • Navibar (softkeys) text is now aligned in center like in Symbian^3
  • Most 3rd party applications other than main menu will have smaller softkeys on the right side givving more space to the application.
  • Modified menus for Music, Photos and Video with shortcuts to 3rd party applications (PhotoFlow, Nokia Photo Browser, Nokia Internet Radio, Lonelycatgames Jukebox, Music Timer, RealPlayer)*

*(Applications not intergrated should be installed manually for the shortcuts to work)

Applications intergrated into the firmware:

  • i-SMS ver. 1.12 Beta2
  • Nokia Photo Browser
  • Quickoffice ver. 6.2.524
  • Adobe Reader LE ver. 2.5.573
  • Conversations (ripped from SE Vivaz)
  • MemCheck ver. 0.05
  • quickLaunch ver. 1.1
  • MusicBar ver. 1.0
  • Accel Switch
  • RomPatcher+ ver. 3.1
  • KillMe
  • Nokia Notifications Widget
  • Thinkchange AutoInstaller ver. 1.0.2
  • PhoneTorch
  • DataQuota
  • BTSwitch


  • Nokia store (the latest version will be installed on the first execution of the app).
  • 65ΜΒ free on C and 56ΜΒ free RAM after a hard reset.
  • Nokia N97 mini music player intergrated into the firmware with Lyrics support.
  • 5 shortcut widgets instead of only 2.
  • Profile Widget (the one showing time date and active profile) can be removed from widget and replaced with another. Also it won't lock on swipe.
  • Option of "Locking screen and keyboard" has been replaced with "Restart" at the on/off button menu.
  • Greek dictionary along with the English intergrated into the firmware.
  • Greek and English Text-to-speech files intergrated into the firmware.
  • BTSwitch is set on key 0 on speeddial (just press and hold number 0 on dialer to quickly enable/disable your bluetooth)
  • 12 Patches for RomPatcher:
    • Bass Effects
    • Bluetooth Locker
    • C2Z
    • Install Server - NoBuiltinError
    • Install Server RP+ v1.4
    • NoBuiltinError
    • Open4All RP+
    • ReadCRoot
    • Remove Red LED
    • RemoveRecorder Tones
    • SaveClipboardAfterReboot
  • FM Transmitter works flawlessly.

Known Bugs:.

  • Smart Dialer is not searching contacts. That's because of the file StaticFeatures.dll that is really hard to be modified in order for all the features to be supported. The only way is to sacrifice the FM transmitter.
  • Onscreen qwerty keyboards that are common on other only touch S60v5 devices like 5800 are not supported due to StaticFeatures.dll file again. If you need an onscreen qwerty keyboard you can always install Swype either from Nokia Store or Nokia Beta Labs.
  • There are some nasty bugs with Mail for exchange and the mail application in general. It seems the Nokia push functionality can't be enabled (returns an error). Also if you enable contact sync with mail for exchange you will have some problems with the contacts application as every contact that has an e-mail address will malfunction in the contacts application (pressing on the various actions like call send email etc. will do nothing).

Before going further down to the download link I would like to thank a ton of people that helped into making this firmware a reality. Although none of these people helped me directly their information and knowledge that they shared on various forums and blogs made this firmware become a reality.

  • Before me there was Mohamed Hegazy with his great firmwares. He did a great job but his last firmwares were not multilingual. His firmwares were a base for my firmwares at the begining but in the end the outcome is tottaly different making a brand new firmware.
  • Coderus is one of those hackers that did a great job when exploring symbian but the last events on our community after Elop's arrival (Symbian going Closed Source) made him abandon the platform. But his findings were critical in my work.
  • IaguCool has done a great job by bringing the FM transmitter fix to the ported C6 firmware. And this is only the begining as he is working hard to bring more things into our old S60v5 devices.
  • PNHT group made a terrific work into exploring the Symbian OS and giving us some great tools and info that without them there wouldn't be any modding community.
  • All the helpfull members of ipmart, daily mobile and mobilephonetalk (ex symbian talk) forums. The information collected from these forums is outstanding.
I hope to be excused if I forgot to mention anyone here.

Warning: You flash at your own risk. I take no responsibilities for any damage caused by flashing my custom firmware in your phone. For a detailed guide on how to flash your phone stay tuned.

Before flashing backup your phone data and then hardreset as well as format the internal memory of your phone.

Download from HERE (alternative mirrors HERE)

This is only the begining. I will update this page with updates and anything related to taking full advantage of my custom firmware so stay tuned