I haven't made any posts here for a really long time and unfortunately this specific frequency of new posts suddenly became a habbit. I promised a long time ago a new CFW version for Phorepoc bringing way too many new features but my heavy schedule never really let me finish it. To be more precise the project was frozen for more than 4 months as I haven't made any changes or progress to it since then.

As some of you may already know, my responsibilities in my personal life are way too high. I have been an Editor in Chief at myphone.gr the last 8 months so alot of my time was consumed there. At the same time I was beeing prepared for my postgraduate studies (moving in Uk in a couple of months) and also studying for the CCNA career certificate made things even worse. If you also add in the various ordinary obligations a man can have (family, work and so on) you can imagine how hard it was for me to keep my activity up in the modding community. This led me to almost stop any further development of my CFW. The sad thing about that is that the latest firmware was working on my phone for the last 4 months and I could work my N97 as a second phone nicely with no real problems BUT there are numerous bugs that I couldn't fix because of the lack of time. Most of the bugs may seem minor to a few people but I see them as unacceptable for the level of quality I wanted my CFW to have.

These bugs (like whatsapp inability to verificate my number) along with the extreme steps forward the modding community has made the last few months on the now dead Symbian platform (and especialy the older S60v5 version of it) lead me to the conclusion that I couldn't keep it up the way I wanted. My CFW might be the best CFW for Greek N97 users (or may not, I am not the one to judge) but I strongly believe that I have to start from the beginning. My absence really made me forget a few things and I see the whole project really time consuming mainly because it is a one man's work (although based on other people's previous work).

On the other hand my work could be of help for other modders so I decided to upload the last BETA version of my CFW for anyone interested.

So yes these news are quite sad to anyone who was still waiting for a killer CFW with Greek support but I promise to come back when the time will let me do so. In fact I have seen a group of modders making great efforts in CFWs. Being more specific I was amazed by the work done by the people behind the SkyFire Redifined CFW but unfortunatelty they have no port for the N97. If time will be by my side then and only then I may give a helping hand to the really promising project they have these guys and I hope to see my old N97 renewed once more.

Till that time comes you can grab and test my (old now) Beta version (1.99) of Phorepoc CFW for N97 Classic (RM-505) from here.

Changelog and screenshots will come when I can post them but you can expect all the goodies you saw on version 1 along with a few extras. My compliments go to IaguCool as my CFW is based now on his latest firmware (IC@Darkstream) with plenty of changes and bug fixes!