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In general the application, even though its in a really early beta stage, acts as it should be and we think that it should be built the firmware of every Symbian device. With a few modifications on the user interface and the dialogs it can become the test step of troubleshooting before going to a Nokia Care center. For advanced users most of the tests can be done manually without the help of an application like this but it's also good to have an all in one app for testing purposes. More advanced users will still need an application similar to the Netmonitor app, seen on the old Nokia devices, but we never know how the application is going to evolve in the future.

You can download and test the application on Nokia Beta Labs. We should also note that although the application is available for S60 ver. 3 FP2 and S60 ver. 5 devices, the S60v3 has been dropped and you can only find the old limited version! On the other hand the Symbian^3 edition is coming soon.