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The Hardware Category includes the following tests

  • Vibrate: Tests if the vibrating feature of the device is working properly
  • Memory: This is actually a simple test to see the health of the phone's internal Storage flash memory (Drive C) and gives an overview of the MB used! The only critical thing here for the phone's health is the percentage used not to pass a specific limit which may do harm to the device!
  • Battery charger: Tests if the phone can be charged.
  • Memory card: A simple test that tries to create a file on the microSD memory card.
  • Camera test: This test takes a shot from both front and back camera's and also tests the flash of the device.
  • Keypad test: On this test you can press any hardware keys the device has and check if they are working.
  • Screen test: One of the most interesting test. With this test you can find any dead pixels on the screen! It fills the screen with the four basic colors and you just have to check the screen for any black or of different color dots on the screen.
8.Vibrating Test11.Key Test

The Connectivity Category includes the following tests

  • USB cable: Tests if there the usb connection is working
  • Browser: A simple test of connectivity using the built in Nokia browser.
  • Network coverage: A simple test to see if there is real Network coverage and the network meter is correctly showing it.
  • Data coverage: This is actually a strange test as it first registers the device into the network using the access point you'll choose and then deletes and re-adds the various APNs.
  • GPS test: A simple test that uses the built in GPS of the device. It connects to the posistioning server first and then discovers the satelites and tries to get your position. In order for the test to succeed you have to be outside for good gps coverage or else the test will fail for sure during the search of the satelites.

The Audio Category includes the following tests

  • Earpiece: It tests the earpiece by playing the nokia tune.
  • Microphone: It tests the microphone by recording your voice and then playing it back.
  • Loudspeaker: It tests the external speakers by playing the nokia tune.
  • Headset: It test's the headset jack by trying to detect if there is headphones or a headset connected.