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5.All Tests

There is an option of taking all the tests at once through the menu option

6.Advanced Mode7.Advanced Mode 2

There is an advance mode that shows more information on what Nokia Diagnostics is doing during each test. We think it should be better called a verbose mode. We would love to see even more information displayed on the screen and shown correctly on the screen cause not all text is visible on Advance mode. Maybe wrapping the text is the most obvious sollution.

9.Battery Charger Test12.Connectivity Test10.Memory Test

We should also note that there are many options that require an action from the user like the Battery charger test. We noticed that if we denied to act multiple times as the application advised us the phone could hang and only a removal of the battery can save us. Another strange thing is the Connectivity test which failed a few times although we had network coverage.Also the test of the internal phone memory should be more specific to what the memory usage limits are before causing a problem to the device. The GPS test is also easily failing cause of bad reception.