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A few days ago on Nokia's Betalabs, a new version of Nokia Diagnostics was released for Symbian^1 (Symbian S60 ver. 5) devices. We decided to give it a try and put it into thorough testing for a review.

Nokia Diagnostics is an application that makes it easy to diagnose and troubleshoot situations on the mobile phone by running various tests. The first beta versions of the software only included a handful of tests about Network Coverage, Internet connectivity, Battery charger, Loudspeaker & Earpiece. The latest version - 1.74 - brings many new tests organised better and a nice checking system for new versions of the software that we'd love to see on other software by Nokia.

Be carefull during installation to select the C drive (Phone Memory) else the application won't load at all and instead return a system error message. We'd love to see Nokia stop following that policy for installing all the apps on the limited C phone memory cause this is a real nightmare especially for N97 classic owners! Also ignore the message that the application is not compatible with your device as it seems to be some misconfiguration during the packing of the sis file from Nokia
The screenshots are taken with a Nokia N97 Classic using the freeware Smartphoneware's Best ScreenSnap. The Softkey Options are in Greek cause of the Greek Variant Firmware of N97
1.Main Screen

Because of the much more additional tests included on the latest beta version it was wise to categorise them. So the main screen now has 3 categories: Hardware, Connectivity test and Audio test.