After the last update that we've seen almost a month ago for soundtrack, Nokia Beta Labs released a new version with a few new features and bug fixes.Soundtrck is the first ever GeoSocial Internet radio application. It's an application for music lovers who want to take control of the music they hear on their own virtual radio station. The app seems similar to services like at first but has some really interesting features that distinguish's it.

The new version brings the following changes, bug fixes and new features:

  • Email and password are visible to user (this addresses the login failure issue)
  • Bug fix for application restart on S^3
  • Proper display of artist/song in the music player
  • Nearby station application error
  • Faster response from music player
  • Various performance fixes
  • There are two versions for S60 ver. 5. One for the built in Java Runtime found in every S60 ver. 5 device and one for the beta version 2.1 of Java Runtime found on Beta Labs. We highly recomend using the second one along with the beta version of Java as it runs better

    For more info about the update the installation procedure as well as the download links go to its official Beta labs page! You can also get to know the app throught its official website