A new update of the Social App for Symbian^3 devices has been released by Nokia. The new 1.3 version of Nokia's own app for social networking brings some minor UI changes, changes on the photo upload solving the issues with bad quality photos, retweet option for twitter, status support on contacts along with a few other minor changes.

The new update is a step forward but we hardly believe WRT is the right direction. The changelog includes:

  • New Contacts Card capabilities:It's not just an app update as the built in Symbian^3 contacts app gets a small adition now of showing in each contact the status of your friends. You can easily get to know now what your friends are up to before giving them a call.
  • Linked Contacts Indicator: You can now easily see which friends of yours are connected on your contacts. You can update easily all your contacts with their facebook/twitter accounts and take advantage of the status updates
  • Captioning on photo upload: Finaly you can add captions on your photos when you share them.
  • Better quality of uploaded photos: Nokia finally disabled the extra compression of photos that reduced the quality when they were shared. As long as the photos are smaller than 4MB your photos will be uploaded as they were meant!
  • RetweetFinally you can retweet on twitter
  • We are happy with Nokia's Social getting better with each new version but we hope to see a Qt version of it coming soon as WRT is not the best option in our opinion for smooth applications

    To get the latest version just execute Nokia Social app and it will inform of the new version. Just accept follow the instructions and you are ready!