A few weeks ago we had a minor update for Nimbuzz that really reduced our costs through some clever data compression. But for Nimbuzz that was only the begining as the developers are now heading into a really revolutionary idea of combining the power of sms with that of IM on the cloud! And so Numbuzz ping is born and rolls out on the latest version 3.0.2

Nimbuzz Ping is a Push Notifications through sms. You no more need to have the app always running in the background and eating precious data and battery. Instead when a friend of yours will send you an instand message you will automatically receive an sms informing you of the person who wants to chat with you and by acceptin the Nimbuzz app will immediately start.

This new feature was available till now only to iPhone users. Right now it is only available on a few Operators in India but the support will slowly expand to more countries. You can be notified when Ping will be available to your operator by Signing-up here


The new version also brings some new features. One of them is the redesigned main menu that also gives a short explanation in each option. This new menu also gives an overview of your contacts, messages, tweets by a single screen!


Another new feature is the ability to ignore specific contacts when constantly sending you messages. Other than that we can still use all the famous instant messaging services we had on the past and also have a nice but simple twitter client.

You can get the latest version of Nibuzz by heading to m.nimbuzz.com with your mobile browser. For more information about the latest release read the official blog entry on Nimbuzz blog site