In case you missed it, the Moodagent app was updated last week bringing mainly bug fixes. But that was only the begining. Syntonic teamed up with Nokia and after the free add-driven realese of its beta app on Nokia Beta Labs, now invites you to share your playlists and win a Nokia N8. Even if you are not so lucky you will get 10 free tracks on your phone.

We first wrote about Moodagent some time ago when it first joined the Nokia Beta Labs 3rd party family of applications. The AI behind moodagents algorithms create music playlists based on your mood by just moving a few sliders giving a more personalised identity into your music hearings of the momment, the way you want them.

The new version brings the following bug-fixes and changes.

  • Most Syncing problems are now fixed
  • Portuguese text is now shown correctly
  • Updated verion of Qt Smart Installer that fixes most installation errors
  • You can find the updated beta version here

    For entering the competion you just have to own a Symbian Device and

  • Download Moodagent from the ovi store, in case you haven't done that yet. You immediately win 10 free tracks from Nokia's Ovi Music Store. Head here
  • [li]Create a playlist and share it with your friends on Facebook, along with the text "moodagent competition" in the status field.
  • Go to Moodagent’s Facebook page, like it and submit your name and email address, under the competition tap, so we can contact you if you win. You can find additional information here.