Modern Smartphones are fairly complex devices, although the User Interface hides that. With a truly open operating system like Symbian, most power users want to have full access to everything happening in their Smartphone. Such control includes the applications running in the background. That’s where Task Managers come and perhaps the best of all is Jbak’s.

JBak TaskMan is one of the most interesting applications we have ever used. It’s not just a powerful Task Manager with common features present on other similar applications (showing running apps, processes and RAM/storage usage). It also gives us some really useful features like a quicklaunch menu for rapid access to applications, files, phone numbers and also plenty automation options for managing background applications. Best of all, it’s completely free.

The latest version released on New Year's Eve, brings compatibility with Symbian ^ 3 devices. There are also some interesting new features like the built in file manager, the ability to easily change the application’s language, as well as to easily translate it into another language (locales are now stored in txt files on your phone).

The only drawback is that the application is not Symbian signed and this process has to be done by the user before installation. You can find the app and download it from Jbak’s Official website. Translation files as well as some more info on the procedure can be found here.

We intend to write a review for this application really soon and explore and test all the features of extensively, so stay tuned.